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Gift Voucher General Terms & Conditions

General Interpretations:

  • “Buyer” means you, being any person who Purchases a Voucher or the person in possession of the Voucher from time to time.

  • “Member” means the third party supplier of goods and/or services who has agreed to accept presentation of the Voucher as full or part payment for the obligation to provide the Voucher Products.

  • “Member Offer” means an offer to purchase vouchers redeemable against products of the Member to users of the Website at a specified price in accordance with any terms as may be contained on the face of the Voucher and/or on the Website at the time of promotion of the Member Offer.

  • “Purchase” means the purchase of a Voucher on the website in accordance with these Terms & Conditions.

  • “Recipient” means the person who is receiving the Voucher.

  • “Voucher(s)” means a voucher issued by Loop Head Tourism to you on behalf of the Member(s), which entitles the Buyer or Recipient to redeem specified goods and/or services from a specified Member(s) or list of Member(s), in accordance with the terms of the Member Offer.

  • “Website” means the loveloophead.com website and any other websites or Microsites (shop.loveloophead.com), generated by Loop Head Tourism through which Buyers are invited to purchase Vouchers; and “You” or “you” or “Your” or “your” means the Buyer.

General Terms & Conditions of Doolin Tourism Vouchers

  • Vouchers are valid for 5 years from the date of purchase.

  • The Buyer will receive an email to confirm their voucher purchase. The email will contain a download link for the voucher and should be printed and presented at the Member(s) premises to redeem.

  • The total value of the voucher purchase will be debited from your card at time of purchase.

  • If the Voucher is a gift to someone, you may enter a Recipient name, message and email address. The voucher Recipient will receive the voucher electronically via email with the email address that the Buyer provided.

  • To purchase a Voucher you must enter the details of a valid credit or charge card legally held by you. The security code of the card must also be entered. Card details will be validated prior to the transaction being confirmed and the voucher email being issued. All successful online transactions are confirmed to the Buyer by email.

  • Each voucher purchase is given a unique Order ID and Voucher Code reference. Please use this reference if you need to communicate with Members regarding any purchase.

  • Reservations should be made directly with Members as Vouchers cannot be used with third party booking engines or on-line travel agencies (OTA’s). It is recommended to make your reservations prior to arrival to avoid disappointment.

  • Gift Vouchers can be exchanged for goods and/or services.

  • Package Vouchers must be used for the purpose intended, and are redeemable with the Members specified on the Voucher. These Vouchers are not valid with any other Member except those specified on the Voucher.

  • Vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with other Vouchers.

  • No Cash in lieu of Vouchers.

  • Vouchers can be used in full or part payment.

  • If a Voucher is part-used, the Member will write the remaining balance on the Voucher and return it to the bearer to use at the Member’s business in the future.

  • Vouchers are non-refundable.

  • The Voucher purchase price is inclusive of local taxes.

  • Gift Vouchers will be accepted by Members who are listed as accepting Vouchers.

  • Package Vouchers will be accepted by the Members that are specified on the voucher.

  • Vouchers must be presented on arrival to Members.

  • Vouchers that have been altered or damaged in any way will not be accepted.

  • Package Vouchers are subject to availability and reservations must be made directly with the Members specified on the voucher, prior to arrival to avoid disappointment. All reservations are subject to availability and are bound by the applicable Member’s Terms & Conditions.

  • Once a reservation has been confirmed, the Voucher will be deemed USED/REDEEMED and is strictly non-refundable.

  • In the event of a no show the reservation is forfeited and redeemable by the Member.

  • Expired Vouchers that have not been redeemed are deemed expired after 5 years from the date of purchase and are therefore redeemable by Loop Head Tourism.

  • In the unlikely event that a dispute arises relating to the use of a Loop Head Tourism Voucher, the bearer may contact us at shop@loveloophead.com, where every effort will be made to resolve it. Should the dispute not be resolved amicably it will revert to the board of Loop Head Tourism whose decision will be final and binding.

  • Loop Head Tourism and its Members and associated businesses

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